Christ Awesome!


The beggar, the cold winter and the prayer of Mary

The rain that fell was frustrating. The strong wind did not leave nothing standing. The bitter cold was unbearable.
Markos wrapped with a blanket and onto the makeshift corrugated cardboard boxes was paved. He sighed heavily. He took a sip of water from the bottle.All the evidence suggests that the night would follow would be a nightmare.
She wondered if it dawned alive or if it froze . Staring right-left lest someone walking away and open conversation. Shopping Center next was almost empty. Unconsciously looked at the sky. “Why God arrived in this situation, why are you punishing me so hard?” stammered! He looked as if they expected an answer. In vain waited. The clock that was hanging at the mall seemed 1:45 a.m.
Look at the opposite buildings. The lights of the apartments were all closed. Only one of them was open. Someone nobody sick baby keeps awake, he thought. At least it is in hot and will have someone to take care of them. suddenly see a blue ray of light leaves the sky and enters through the balcony door to the apartment. saddened! Startled. He began rubbing his eyes lest delusional.
“VRE what damage can happen to you a beer!” Thinking. Try to think of something else to break the illusion. His eyes did not define them. He was nailed to that strange blue light that led to the apartment.Stung lest slept. He thought he saw a dream. He decided to get up and walk a little. So he thought would escape from illusions. “Do you think he had any odd grass skewer ate and brought me this upset?” Contemplate proceeded as two or three steps. “Does it Again is my last night she and God gave this sign?”
Looked back to the building. The light was stronger.”It may be a laser. Maybe the guy who lives in the apartment creates this whole spectacle and while the light leaves the apartment to believe he comes from the sky. This is … With the cold gaze that seems completely “Marco said to himself and went back into place! Unfairly got up, he said. Sat down again and rolled under the blankets. Unconsciously he crossed himself and leaned his head back.
“Three hours left to go. Say I figure the German army … A! eh mummy thank God you do not live to see that your son has ended. course if you lived it was all different. I do not think and end up homeless beggar.Many mistakes mother did in my life. Destroyed. I lost everything. I thought that the whole world revolves around me. Not calculate anything. I sold and our fathers. And that I had CHORAFAKIA memento from my father. What you say there once stood the chapel of Our Lady. What burned the rebels. And that I sold.The money I spent on late nights and on paper.
Not respected nor the promise I gave you a kid, shortly after the death of my father that will rebuild the house of Mary and lit a candle on the … ah eh manna and in listening would have Chryssoula family, who loved me true. But like the great life. And now I was a scumbag. And the strange thing is that I put them and God. With him that fighting because I saw him hurdle in my life … Remember when I told you how stupid was the prodigal son who although could be charmed life passes close to home and he chose the high life.
E! manna much more stupid than your son. I followed the steps of the prodigal. And now I eat the leftovers of others and beg. Neither the village dare not go, I’m such a ass. ” These collections Marco trying to cope with the icy night.
Unconsciously he looked back to the building. The blue celestial light remained constant. Then he saw a beam of light coming toward him. All around illuminated, and a warmth filled the room. then He felt a hand touching him. turned to see who it was but did not see any. In a split second someone lifted him in his arms. As it was bathed in light found on the balcony of the opposite building. Look inside. He saw a young girl has raised her hands and praying. Saw it as if it were next and the shutters have disappeared.Bright angels stood beside her.
He read from a prayer book. His face shone like the sun. He put the book aside. Psalter was the title. The girl then opened a notebook and began to read various names. The angel that stood right in noted.“Lord, send your warmth and the poor unknown homeless person standing over there in the cold winter. Save the Jesus. Call him again near you and led to repentance, “ said the girl immediately after the supplication made ​​to pass the crisis in Greece.
For the present he said: “Lord send us the Virgin and the saints to dissolve our ego and to end the apostasy us. Send your angels to soften the souls and hearts and bring back the love and true faith in the Greek people. He helped me home again bathed with light anesperon Paschal I and expel the demons that the malign and xeftilizoun. Lord, come quickly and do not delay. Behold thy handmaid Maria ready to be sacrificed for you … “!
– “Such prayers I had ever heard in my life. Tears ran down my cheeks. It was so beautiful up there in the balcony. It was so hot. I do not know how I stayed. I only know that when the same hand with a wonderful staged on the balcony when I came back was almost dawn. It was the sweetest night of my life. The clock of the mall seemed almost six and cleaning crews had entered work. The blue light had disappeared.
Although I did not sleep I felt rested and strong. I ran across and sat in a sheltered place. wanted to meet this girl, to thank her for the gift you gave me and for the prayers. Around 9 rather than something I saw coming out of the building. I ran to her. Once he saw me he put his hand in the bag, believing that it would ask for help.
– No, Not Mary did not want help. I want to thank you for the great gift that you gave me and for your prayers.
– How do you know my name, “she said then.
– Be heard last night your prayers, murmured helplessly swallowing my tongue. I’m homeless beggar begging God to save him and help him to repent. Tell me what to do Maria?
A! I realized it’s you I did your cross, then told him that. In looking at the shutters doors. I wanted to shout to come and sleep with us but did not know how to react to my parents because it was past midnight. And because I could not help I called to make Christ our take off at night and not freeze.
Christ did it again the miracle. Wait till you hit my mother to make you a good breakfast because I have to go to different will be late in my work.
Before I could speak Maria put me in the elevator.
– Honey mammy will build a hot tea in the main, why should I leave?
– Gladly Maria I, gladly! she said and I nodded to pass through.
I felt really bad. I do not know how long I had to go into the house. I looked in the living room. There was an image of the Virgin and the front was burning a candle. In censer, next to the sink still burn incense.Maria left telling me:
– Feel comfortable and do not worry. Christ loves you.
Soon came from the next room, the father of Mary Kyr – Lambros, as introduced himself. With good morning and sat beside me. Fortunately that people have livanisei, because from my filth they could not stand.The lady – Ourania whispered something to her husband and he went to the room and returned with crisp brand new clothes.
-Mark my child, I think they’ll do. If you do not will be cast opposite the mall to buy you a pair of pants and a shirt. Jackets and sweatshirts have many and it’s in your own size. Rania I already put the heater to take a bath until you make something to eat.
– There is need kyr – Lambros. You drink a cup of tea and leave, and I leaned over from embarrassment and shame my head.
-Don’t be shy my child Christians are brothers. They have the same father and the same mother, our Lady.
The Sun – Lambros while I ran to the bathroom and it took me two to three pants, pants, a belt and a backpack. His clothes did my box. I had several months to wear crisp clothes. Besides, it must have been much older than me. The lady Rania, add two to three blouses, a bowl with sweets and several socks in backpack. He asked if the figure of shoe wear was 43 and when I answered in the affirmative, and brought me a pair of boots.
Stayed two-hours with them and recounted to NI and the sigma I had lived the previous evening. Those who did often cross themselves and thanking God. As I told the lady Rania, Maria wants to look like in Agia Paraskevi. Be claimed as one to give the light of Christ to the people …
Leaving the Sun – Lambros gave me three hundred euro and suggested I go to the Peloponnese, a monastery near Corinth . Therein lies such and such elder. Tell him I sent you and ask Him to work in the monastery as a laborer.
That meeting and came back in a row is a miracle. But the greatest wonder is that there are still families holy, Family Christian, Orthodox families, confessed to the elder Marcos. He even asked to become a monk and to require reliving the uncreated light.
To relive that sweet warm night that broke the cold winter and the frost of his heart. To experience the light of Christ who offered him the pure prayers of Mary.

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