Father IN Heaven


Christ is “way ahead” for our time … and not the opposite!

Archimandrite. Pavlos Papadopoulos
Our faith is like the eye. Pet our eye single hair inside it? No! However small is bothering contaminate. So is our faith. It can not accept even a small alteration, because sooner or later infected with this small change, this short “trichoula” we may lose the entire eye, distorted words slowly so the Orthodox faith, which longer be heretical. 
‘s Church certainly “fits” the times but not substantially altered. This could to use technology, telephones, television, radio, internet, however it does not. Not losing the correctness of doctrine, tradition of God-bearing Fathers. 
some say: “The Church needs to be modernized.” The thing is what people mean when they talk about modernization. Did you mean to abolish fasts? Abolish the devotional life? Priests to make the robes? Bless the church licentiousness? Bless the Church anomaly? Bless the Church of selfishness? Because if you mean like updating all of the above or like, probably have lost the sense of the correctness of faith have long numbed their spiritual sensors. 
‘s Church does not change, because the Church is Christ protracted forever. The Church simply for reasons pastoral uses some means of the world to benefit the world, without being bound by them. The Church does not need to be changed. Modern people should be humbled to accept the path towards perfection proposed by the Church, namely Christ. 
“Language in the cult is incomprehensible,” some argue. “The time that the celebrated Orthros and Divine Liturgy is not convenient for us,” say others.”It may be considered a sin such and such and such? Where we live?” Say with some exasperation. 
dear Church, namely Christ said: “He who wants …”.Anyone who wants follow me, let’s apply what I say to do this and by grace Godman. 
absurd But because people do not want to repent, not wanting to get out of the shots, to use various arguments to make as it were- – useless or imperfect way in which Jesus proposes to live. 
A man who does not want to change, do not want to be humiliated, to make that obedience to Christ, will always find excuses that were self the wrong choices and sees Christ wrong. 
Orthodox faith, the Orthodox Church with our mouth and pen of God-bearing Fathers, shows us how the criteria of life that should be followed if and when we are to thrive spiritually. Let’s not try to justify our sin, therefore, falling to blasphemy. Because greater sin to accuse Christ Himself said that no “good” by our own passion maybe we justify by this way. 
certainly can be argued that those that says the Church told Christ, but by this mode drops the big sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, and with a specific considerations argue that there is the Holy Spirit in the Church. 
short. The Church is not just rebuilt, but for the sake of salvation remains (if I may say) and behind the “age” of. The world needs to be modernized and not the Church. Because the Church is already moving in the areas of Life after life, in the New Creation, the “age” in which everything exists in Christ … while the world still creeps into the corruptibility of a fallen being, blinded to see not only the ground future but even to suspect the failure of his choices and repent. 
Christ did “burn forever”, then why insist on “old” which elapsed? 
Christ is “way ahead” for our time … and not the opposite!
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