Abba and the end of demons

Let the heavens rejoice, * the earth exults with joy, * for the Lord has done wonders * by the force of his arm, * slaying death by His * own death and becoming the dead the firstborn: * Breast Hell He saved us all, * giving the world the grace of salvation.

Kontakion Tone 6: 
Guide wisdom and master of knowledge * teacher gives reason * protector of the poor, strengthen and teach my heart, * give me the word, O Word of God, * for I can not remember my lips to sing: God of tenderness, have mercy on me, sinner.

Last day where you eat dairy products before Lent.
Vespers: Prayer of Saint Ephrem, and kiss of forgiveness.
Lord and Master of my life,
from me the spirit of idleness,
discouragement, domination
and babbling
but give me a spirit of integrity, humility, patience and love,
and be gracious to me, to me, Thy servant.
Yes, Lord King,
grant me to see my transgressions
and not to judge my brother.
Thou art blessed forevermore.
Monday, February 18 Orthodox calendar,
March 3 civil calendar:
Beginning of Lent. Monday PUR.
Great Compline:
Reading the first part of the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete. ( Until Thursday last part. )

Good and holy Lent!
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