Quote from Dyminas


   Finally, mankind’s God-given mission is set forth: “Let them have dominion over .
       . . all the earth” (vs. 28). Respect and care for God’s creation is implicit in this dual
       extension of dominion and blessing. God has called us into being to bless the world,
       transfiguring it for communion with Him. As Saint Diadochos of Photiki states: “Our
       likeness to God requires our cooperation. We are to work with God in bringing blessing
       to the created order” (Manley, The Bible and the Holy Fathers, p. 742). “But man
       shall go forth unto his work, and to his labor until the evening” (Ps 103:25).

              “Thou hast made [man] a little lower than the angels; with glory and honor hast Thou
       crowned him, and Thou has set him over the works of Thy hands.” – Psalm 8:5


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