Bio: As a Christian Woman however I do not believe that The Orthodox church has an the only claim to Christ. My free will is the gift of the cross, my Orthodoxy is my free will choice. I am Orthodox, I see GOD"S church as one. Christ died on A cross to give free will. I obey The Divine Holy Trinity and no one else. I obey any good Shepard Christ sets over me,my spiritual Father as long as they preach,teach the truth and live to the best of thier human ability. I was comanded by my bishop to go to Austin,Tx. and remainfaithful to my Orthodox Church. I believe that I can openly confess to CHRIST as GOD. And that The FATHER is my FATHER, I believe in GOD"S HOLY SPIRIT, and believe that GOD"S HOLY SPIRIT is shared.. I do not believe that GOD"S HOLY SPIRIT claim's to live in this place or that place rather to all who believe, and keep working in the athority of GOD"S WORD. I believe that all the work is done already by GOD, free, no charge, however I do believe that GOD requires my acceptance of HIS gift and my trust and obedience to HIS WORD, in the way that I know his word. God has knows that we are all unique and all different and respects that. I do not believe that approves of lines, or divisions in HIS church. That is why I do not believe in a closed Communion, or that we should shut out GOD"S ability to convert. I do however firmly believe that all who receive should be told and made aware of whom they are recieveing, the body and blood, should not be received without reverance, throughfullness and love of GOD. That is about as religious as I get. I do not exclude that GOD can bring a person even one not reverent to full conversion. Blessings Mary The HOLY TRINITY desires and this faith that all come to know GOD, to LOVE GOD, and to freely cry ABBA. AMEN This is why , not updated, servant of Christ Mary `I praise God for our three adult Children,His seven grand Children,my life,health,safty,His aboulute soverignity,and all the gifts He has given me inclunding my love for peace, love compassion, laughter, most of all His Love and My Father's Abba. Amen Blessings Above that God be The Glory not me, for it by your works and love that I have this life, and I have nothing that will ever be enough to thank you I pray for peace and unity in our family Mary By your works Christ and my sweetst Mother Mary Theotokos,Saint of my birth,and heart and I still run you even as A child runs to her mother when overwhekmed or frightened or injured,so do I still run to you Oh sweet frangrance of heaven pray for me and as A Mother teach me. Mary

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